Video poker can be a great game to play if you want to earn money in a casino. This is primarily true in offline casinos since it is very rare to find full pay machines in an online casino. You need to be able to find full pay machines for video poker to be a good game to play. Most video poker machines gives the house an edge and should be avoided whenever possible.

What are full pay machines?

A full pay machine is a machine that uses the highest paying pay table that are available for that type of video poker. The machines that gives you the highest chance to earn money. Any machine using another pay table will get you a lower chance to win money. How much lower depend on which exact pay table the machine is using. There are plenty of websites online that will tell you the exact edge associated with any pay table.

How do know if a machine is full pay?

Full pay machines are never marked as such. They look exactly the same as any other machine containing the same game. The only way to know if a machine is a full pay machine or not is to look at the pay table. You will need to memorize the pay table of a full pay machine and then look at pay tables until you find a full pay machines. Many casinos offer machines with several different pay tables that gives the bank different edges. Playing on one machine might give you a lot lower chance to win money than playing on the machine next to it.

If you do not know how the pay table should look on a full pay machine then you can do a quick internet search to learn how it should look.

It is important to know that not all full pay machines give you an edge over the bank. Only full pay machines for certain types of poker such as deuces wild does this.

How do I find full pay machines?

Finding full pay machines can be challenging. They are moved often, sometimes daily. Most casino chose to mix their full pay machines in among the rest of their video poker machines. You will need to go around and check the price table of each and every machine until you find a full pay machines. Other casinos put their full pay machines in prominent places where a successful player can help attract more players to the rest of the video poker machines that are more profitable for the casino. Keep track of where your casino keep their machines and you might spot a pattern that makes them easier to find in the future.

Keep in mind that full pay machines are moved often. You should always check the pay table before you start playing on a machine. Just because a certain machine was a full pay machine yesterday does not mean that it is one today.

Why do the casino offer full pay machines?

There are many reasons to offer full pay machines. They can help attract players to the casino and help promote the video poker machines in the casino. Players see that the players on the full pay machines are winning and get lured into playing video poker on the surrounding machines that gives the bank a good edge.

Another reason to offer full pay machines is that is sounds very good to be able to say that they have machines that gives the player an edge. What they do not say is that you have to play perfectly to earn money and most  players do not know how to do that. Most players who sit down at a full pay machine will lose money due to not knowing how to play the game perfectly. The Casino only have to worry about losing money to skilled video poker players. Skilled players are a very small fraction of casino players. If a skilled players sit down then he will win money and attract more players to the surrounding machines allowing the casino to make up what they lose on the full pay machine on the surrounding machines.

Which machines should I be looking for?

Not all types of full pay video poker will give you an edge over the bank. This is only true for a limited number of different types of video poker. The most well know type of full pay video poker that gives the player an edge is full pay deuces wild poker. This is also the game that is most common to find in casinos.

Learn to play perfectly

You need to be able to play full pay video poker machines perfectly to be able to get an edge over the house. If you do not play perfectly then the house will still have an edge. It is very important that you train at home and learn to play perfectly before you ever visit a casino. I recommend that you use a simulator to play 1000s of hands of video poker before you start playing for real money. You should learn to be able to play perfectly without ever thinking about it. It is also good if you learn to play quickly. The more hands you can play per minute the more money you can earn.