There are a large number of different systems on the market who claim that they can help you earn money at any casino table. You do not need to count card or find an edge over the house. All you need to do is to follow the system to make money. All these systems are scams. None of them work in the long run and all of the have fatal flaws. This is true for both free and paid systems. Do not get fooled into paying money for systems that will not work.

Most (all) systems have the same fatal flaw. They are designed to work in a theoretician world and in that world they do work. The real world do however set certain restrictions that render the systems useless. They will often make you lose money more quickly then you would if you just played without using any system at all.

The reason the systems do not work in the real world is that they require you to be able to play an unlimited amount of hands and bet an unlimited amount of money to work. In reality however there is no player who have unlimited funds and even if he did he would be foiled by the casinos maximum bets. There is no casino in the world that allows you to bet any amount. Large or small. They all have a minimum and a maximum bet. This effectively guarantees that the house can not be beaten by any betting system.

Another reason that systems work a lot worse than you might think is that streaks are a lot more common than you might think. If you see a system that will make you money as long as red (if you play black) doesn’t win 10 times in a row then it is very easy to think that this is very unlikely to happen. Simple math tells you that this will only happenĀ  0.01 % of the time. It does however happen a lot more than you think. It is something the dealer see happen several times a week at a roulette table. You will loose a lot of money when it does happen if you use a betting system designed to make you money as long as it doesn’t happen.

Below I will answer some of the most common questions that I receive about casino systems. Most of the answers should be obvious after having read what I said above but I will answer them any way simply because I get asked these question so often.

Is it legal to use casino systems?

Yes. There is nothing illegal about using a betting system. The only thing you do is to change your betting in accordance with your system. The table rules will however restrict how you can use your casino system. You can not exceed the table maximum bet.

Is it cheating?

No. It is not cheating and it does not improve your odds of winning.

Is system X worth paying for?

No. System X does not work. There is no system that works. It does not matter what the advertisment say. There is no break through in gambling and no secrets to guaranteed success. If there were then they would not be selling it because they would make a lot of money using their system and by starting to sell the system they would guarantee that the casinos would change the rules so that it no longer worked.

Do not buy any gambling system. You are better of donating your money to charity.

Which System do you recommend ?

I do not recommend any system. There are no systems that work and they are likely to cause you to lose more money more quickly.

Which system do you use?

I do not use any system. They are a fools errand and do not work.

Will get banned from a casino for using a system?

No. Casinos do not mind if you use a system. In fact most casinos love gamblers who use systems because they usually lose more money than other players.