Poker is a god choice if you want to be able to earn money from gambling

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Videopoker is another good option if you are able to find full pay machines that gives you an edge

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Avoid these games

There are some casino games that you allways should avoid if your goal is to make money.

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Counting Cards

Welcome to my website about counting cards and other strategies that you can use to earn money in casinos around the world. All strategies we discuss on this website are 100% legal and can be very profitable if you execute them skillfully. I will also tell you more about the games and bets you should avoid. The games and bets will always cost you money.

Let us start out by talking about counting cards.

What is counting cards?

Counting card is a technique that allows you to know when the odds are in your favour at the blackjack table so that you can bet bigger when you got the edge over the casino. As a player, you are allowed to decide when to draw a card and when to stand- Click the link to learn basic blackjack strategy. The bank is not allowed this luxury. There are strict rules for when the bank has to draw and when it has to stand. This allows you as a player to get an edge when there is a lot of 10s in the deck since this will cause the bank to bust (go over) more often. The more 10s there is in the deck the more favourable the deck will be to you as a player.

There are several different methods for counting cards but they are all designed to allow you to know how many high and how many low cards are left in the card shoe.

Is card counting legal?

vinnare.seYes. Card counting is 100% percent legal. It is a way to play the game as good as possible. You do not cheat or use any information that is not freely available in the game. Anyone who tells you that card counting is illegal is misinformed or is intentionally trying to lie to you. This is, unfortunately, a rather common misconception caused by countless articles, movies and TV shows that have incorrectly shown card counting as something illegal or unethical. Casinos do what they can to get an edge. So should you. Playing the game well is never cheating.

I repeat. Counting card in blackjack is not illegal, it is not unethical and it is not cheating.

Can they take your winnings if you count cards?

No. You have not cheated or done anything illegal. Any money that you have won during the game is yours to keep. Any properly run casino will honour this and give you your money without complaints. This might not be the case if you play in more shady casinos.

Can you count cards online?

The answer to this question is generally no. You can not count cards in a regular online casino game. Each game is completely random and is not affected by the previous game. IE each game is dealt with a new full show. It is similar to playing at a table with an automatic card shuffler that reshuffles the shoe between each hand.

It is possible to count cards in some LIVE online casinos. Online casinos where you watch a dealer deal the cards from a real shoe in front of a web camera. Any LIVE casino game that does not use an automatic card shuffler is similar to a regular game and you can count cards while playing in these games.

Can you get banned from a casino by counting cards?

Yes. Most casinos will ban you if they discover that you are counting cards. Your face will be added to their facial recognition software and they will prevent you from playing in the casino in the future. If you do succeed in sneaking in you can be removed from the premises. Any money you win before they do will once again be yours.

Many casinos around the world use a shared database of undesired individuals. This list includes card counters and if you get banned from one casino you will find that you have been banned from a large number of the world’s casinos. Almost all major casinos are a part of this cooperation. You can find it hard to find any casino that will let you play after you have been marked as a card counter.

The casinos are allowed to deny your patronage and there is little you can do if you do get banned.

Is it hard to learn how to count cards?

Binary options

Binary options can be a good option if you are looking for a “game” that you can play online and make money. Binary options allow you to speculate on future market movements. They are sometimes referred to as a financial instrument and sometimes as a game.  Skilled traders can make large profits.  Learn more about binary options.

No. It is relatively easy to learn how to count cards. You can learn the basics in a few hours and it does not take very long to become good at it. You do not need to be able to remember all the cards that have been played. You only learn how to calculate and keep one number in your head. This number will then tell you when the odds are in your favour.

There are several different techniques that you can learn and there are a large number of different internet guides that can teach you how to use each technique. Chose one technique and devote some time to learn how you can use it to count cards and win at blackjack.

Once you know how to play it can be a very good idea to play some low stakes blackjack to perfect your new skill before you start betting more money.

Do you need to be a genius to count cards?

NO!!! This is a common misconception. You do not need to be a genius or especially good at math to be able to learn how to count cards. Most people can learn how to count cards. This is true even if you think math is hard.

There is surprisingly little math require to count cards once you know the system. You really only need to know +1 and – 1 to be able to count cards. It is that simple!

The hard part is developing card counting systems. This has already been done by the people who first developed these card counting systems. You only need to know very basic math to use them.