On this page we are going to take a quick look at the games you should never play if you hope to beat the casino. These are all games where there is no way to gain an edge over the house. Games where the house always wins in the end. You might encounter products and systems online that claim that they can help you to become successful playing one of these games. That they know the secret to beating the bank. They are all scams. There are no way to beat any of these games without cheating. It does not matter what someone says. To beat these games you are going to need to use techniques that will be considered cheating by the casino.

Clarification based on emails

I am including edge sorting, a controversial technique that allows you to recognize cards, as a way to cheat in this article. Whether edge sorting should really be considered cheating it questionable as long as you haven’t marked the card yourself but many casino do consider this cheating and you risk getting prosecuted for using the technique.


Roulette is a fun game to play but there is no way that you can influence where the ball is going to land and the ball has no memory. Previous events have no effect on future events. This makes it impossible to beat this game. Different bets and combinations of bets will give the house different edge but there is no way to eliminate the edge.

There are a large number of roulette systems out there. None of the work in the real world. They require a virtual world where you have an unlimited bankroll and where there is no betting restrictions to work. I recommend that you read more about why these systems don’t work on my page here.

Slot machines

Slot machines are programmed to give the house an edge. There is no way to beat this edge without altering the software in the machine which would be a serious felony. You can read more about slot machines on my page here.

Caribbean Stud poker

Caribbean stud poker gives the house a large edge. There is nothing you can do to effect which cards you are being dealt and you are not allowed to change your bet size. The bet is always double the ante. This leaves you with no way to eliminate the house edge. You will always lose money over time.

Caribbean stud poker can provide you with a theoretical positive value if the progressive jackpot is very big. I do however still recommend that you refrain from playing this game. The odds of getting a royal flush and winning the jackpot is 649,739 to 1. That the odds is 649,739 to 1 does not mean that it will happen in one of the next 649,739 hands. It just means that is the average frequency. The odds of getting a royal straight flush is the same regardless of whether the last hand was a royal straight flush or whether 100 000 000 hands have passed since the last royal flush.

You will most likely just lose money if you try to chase the jackpot, chase the dream.

Big wheel

Big wheel is another game where you are unable to effect or predict the outcome and therefor is unable to eliminate the house edge.

Sic Bo

The sic bo dice are shaken several times and there is no way to predict or influence the outcome. There is also no betting strategy that can eliminate the house edge. This game is therefore impossible to beat in the long rung.

Puento banco / Baccarat

This game is very popular among Asians and high rollers due to the fact that it gives the casino a relatively small edge. A small edge is however still an edge and there is no way to beat this game long term.

There is nothing you can do to affect the odds of this game and no way to beat it.

Acting as the bank

There are some casinos, primarily in Europe, that allow you to play baccarat as the bank. To do so gives you the edge normally held by the casino. This can be a very good option if you have a large enough bankroll to be able to benefit from your statistical edge.

Casino holdem

Casino hold-em is another poker game where you have no possible way to affect the outcome or eliminate the house edge.

Casino War

This is yet another game where the casino will have an edge no matter what you do.

New games are added regularly.