I often get the question of whether it is possible to make money playing online in online casinos rather than having to head out a real casino. This thought is very tempting for people who want to be able to earn money from home and for people who live far away from any good casino but still want to be able to make money gambling.

Simple answer

Unfortunately, the simply answer to this question is that you cant make money gambling in an online casino. IE you can never beat the odds and make money over time. You can never have the odds in your favor and win money without the need for luck.

It is of course possible to have luck on your side and make a lot of money while gambling online. If you are lucky and win the jackpot on a popular slot you can walk away many millions richer.

Complicated answer

The more complicated answer is that some online casinos might offer you opportunistic that makes it possible for you to gain an edge (without cheating). An edge that allows you to make money. Most casinos do however not offer any of these opportunities. Below we are going to look at a number of things you should keep an eye out for if you want to be able to find a casino that allows you to make money gambling online.

Most casino games

Most casino games are impossible to beat without a lot of luck. This is true regardless och whether you are gambling online or in a real casino. The first skill you need if you want to make money is to know which games to play and which games to avoid.

Any game that gives the bank a mathematical edge that you can not neutralize in one way or another is a game you should avoid. This includes games such as Caribbean stud poker, Roulette, Sic Bo, Puento Banco and all slot games. Always check the odds before you start playing a game.

There is one exception from this rule. One situation when it can be worth playing slots, Caribbean stud poker and some other games. That is if the games progressive jackpot has grown very big. In this situation the opportunity to win the jackpot will give you an positive expected value from playing these games. The odds of you actually winning the jackpot is however very small and the odds of you leaving the table with less money than you arrived with is very high. I therefore advice against playing these games even if they feature a very large jackpot.

Video poker

Some types of video poker gives you an edge to win money.  The machines that offer the player an edge is commonly known as full pay machines. These machines can be found in regular casinos mixed among machines with worse odds. Some online casinos have offered full pay machines that gives you an edge. We do not know of any online casino that offer full pay machines at this time. Learn how to spot a full pay machines so that you can benefit from it if any online casino starts offering these machines again.

LIVE black jack

There are a large number of different online casinos that offer LIVE blackjack and other LIVE games. The exact rules and setup can differ between different casinos. Some of these casinos offer LIVE blackjack with a manual shoe. These online games can be beaten by counting cards just like any other black jack game using a manual shoe. LIVE blackjack tables that uses an automated continuous card shuffler can not be beaten.

Consider poker

Poker is a good alternative if you want to be able to gamble from home for profit. When you play poker online you play against other players. Not against the bank. No player have an edge over other players. It all comes down to skill. The best players will win money over time. Each hand is decided by luck but the law of averages guarantees that the best players win money in the long run as long as they make sure to bet when the odds are in their favor. It takes a lot of practice to become a skilled poker player but once you have become skilled you can earn a lot of money from home or in casinos and poker rooms the world over.

Sports betting is another alternative

Sports betting is another alternative for anyone who wants to make a living gambling from home. Online sports betting sites offer the same or better odds that other sports books and the outcome of the games will be the same regardless of where you place your bet. It is not easy to make a living from sports betting but it is possible if you are willing to learn enough about the sports you are betting on to spot the bets that offer good expected value. Sports betting online is easy money but it is not an easy way to make money.